About Us

  • Butter Therapy has changed it's business entity name to" Walnette" a consumable brand corporation.
  • Why the entity name change? We have made room for new brand creations now and into the future.
  • We make over 150 products and all of them do not fit in with the Butter Therapy brand. Many companies have made the mistake of limiting their company's growth with their name. Walnette Incorporated has no limits as to what we can brand, market, create or sell.
  • Butter Therapy is now a brand of Walnette Inc. 
  • We are under the same ownership and Management of Walter & Linette McNeal .
  • We are excited about this new restructuring change as it encompasses and organizes our creative, professional and personal interest all under one umbrella.
  • We have created a new website that reflects Walnette's vision and mission.
  • The new website is fully operational with the Butter Therapy brand, however many products of our new brands are forthcoming and are still under construction. We appreciate your patience as we continue to construct our new website.
  • We will be sending you updates on new brand and product introductions.
  • We hope you enjoy the new look and hope you continue to shop Butter Therapy.
Principal Officers

Walter and Linette McNeal