About Walnette Brands

 About Walnette Inc 


Walter and Linette McNeal owners and creators of Walnette Incorporated, are a great example of duality.  They have combined their names, creative talents and personal interest all under one corporate umbrella.  Walnette started as a small idea that has grown with support of the community. 


Everyday, we are proud that people use Walnette Brand products and services to help them feel good, look good, smell good and help them prepare and implement family security.  

Walnette trusted brands and services includes :


  • Butter Therapy (Shea Butter Products for Skin and Hair)
  • Beneficial Skincare ( Advanced Facial Skincare)
  • Southern Sir (Men Skincare)
  • Jerry Mary (Pet Hygiene Products)
  • Essence Blessings (Natural Home Cleaning and Fragrance Products)
  • Linette's Closet (Vintage, New and Gently used Clothing and Jewelry).
  • Flea Flippin (Unique antiques and flea market finds refurbished)
  • ADT authorized dealer of home security products
  • Life Insurance products with various carriers


Whatever Walnette brand or services you choose and wherever it is purchased, we are working  hard to fulfill our vision of building a successful and sustainable business model, while providing great services and making great products that are healthy and environmentally friendly


Our Focus

Walnette is an American consumer brand corporation. Walnette Lifestyle Brands promotes and reflects healthy living, sustainability, environmental focus, style and culture. We are woven together with the love of the most high, family, community and the environment. We are committed to uplifting communities with our products, leadership, community involvement and outreach. 

Our Business Model

Walnette, have over 20 years of experience of brand creation, retailing and making handmade products. Our business model has changed over the years to adjust to the ever changing world of business.  Our humble beginnings, began in our nations malls where it allowed us to develop a growing customer base.  For many years we have followed the traditional model of bricks and mortar retail and we watched it rapidly change. The world wide web (internet) has forever changed the world of retail, making it difficult for small and large business to thrive. Every year, you see large and small retailers close their doors. Walnette have adapted to the changing retail market place with it's growing online presence and mobile retail business model.  Our agile and mobile business model allows us to put our profits towards the innovation and creations of great products while maximizing profit potential and sustainability.  Our business is furthered through our brand marketing, mobile retail store, national wholesale distributions and internet sales.