Butter Therapy reserves the right to modify its disclaimer any time it deems necessary.

*All informational facts, details and recommendations on our products, and whereas listed on our website are for information purposes only. When concerning use for skin conditions of/by/with the purchaser seeking relief and help of or with their condition are recommended to see a physician, for Butter Therapy does not diagnose, prescribe or replace the advice of professionals.

*Butter Therapy is a handmade skin and hair care product and not required to meet FDA approval, yet, FDA does approve the classification of butters (Shea, Almond, Cocoa, Mango, Avacodo & Soy). Butter Therapy products are natural and derived from the essential properties of trees, grasses, fruits, herbs, plants and other all natural vegetation. No animal byproducts or chemical used by Butter Therapy.

*ALL of Butter Therapy's product are recommended for external use only.

*Butter Therapy products are 100% butter based, including Shea butter, almond butter and in some circles cocoa butter and is considered a nut, please consult your physician if you have a nut allergy and want to use our butter products.

*Butter Therapy recommends that the purchaser thoroughly do research when purchasing Butter Therapy natural skin care product, for it is their responsibility to know and understand the ingredients involved when considering a purchase for use do to the varying degrees of skin sensitivity.

*IF YOU ARE PREGNANT: Please contact your physician before using any of our products especially the ones used with essential oils.

*Concerning use on/for/with children, always seek a physicians advice before use with them, especially if the child or children has a skin condition such as eczema etc. Butter Therapy will not be responsible for misuse.

*Butter Therapy's natural skin and hair care products are not medication, we can only make recommendations for suitability of our product with certain ailments and conditions. Any recommendation accepted by the purchaser are accepted solely and entirely at the purchasers risk. By purchasing our products you (the purchaser) recognizes and accepts the fact that some natural ingredients and essential oils in particular, may cause sensitivity in susceptible individuals, and that Butter Therapy will not be held responsible for such occurrences. We encourage those with sensitive skin to select our unscented products, or, do a test spot on a small portion of skin first for determination of allergic reaction or sensitivity with use. Butter Therapy accepts no responsibility for incorrect use of information or products.


*Although Butter Therapy creates a superior product, it's butters are soft and has a melting point of 74 - 80 degrees. Due to the extensive heat of summer and most shipping methods are not air-conditioned, our butters often times arrives liquified, if this happens to you the purchaser (don't fret), place the product in the refrigerator/freezer for a few hours to resolidify, once resoldified take out and use at room temperature.

*Each product is handmade, you may notice discoloration due to the herbs, oils, butters and/or essential oils used. Each product is different from the other. Shipping is not a delicate practice at times, so, be careful when opening jars, bottles and all packaging. If separation happens stir or shake before use.

*Because of the delicate nature of our products, Butter Therapy is making the purchaser aware of its policy and will not be responsible for the purchasers handling, mishandling, repackaging or otherwise once product is received and opened.

*Due to the extreme heat in most areas of the United States and abroad in the summer time, our shipping method may be delayed from time to time especially with wholesale (bulk) orders due to the softness of our butters. **Please contact us for other solutions. walter@buttertherapy.com or linette@buttertherapy.com.