Coffee Cream Soap 5.6oz  Bar

Coffee Cream Soap 5.6oz Bar

  • $ 10.99

Coffee Cream Soap 5.6oz  Bar

”Skin” Benefits of this Butter Based Soap:



  • Awakingly rich and creamy, our Coffee & Cream Soap smells like coffee, looks like coffee, feels like coffee and is pure organic coffee at its best, you’ll love this wake me up packed with age-fighting nutrients.
  • We make this pure organic coffee soap as an exfoliating dead skin cell remover that has many more topical skin benefits.
  • Coffee used topically is said to reduce cellulite and is highly antioxidant great for sensitive skin.
  • In-addition to waking you up, the natural caffeine found in coffee has been shown to be very soothing to the skin.
  • Other benefits are, it fights free radicals, soothes inflammation, helps treat rosaceae, helps repair UV damage, can help with under eye dark circles and tightens skin.