Desire & Shea Butter Blend 2oz Tub -

Desire & Shea Butter Blend 2oz Tub

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Desire & Shea Butter Blend 2oz Tub

”SKIN” Benefits of this butter: {Used in Moderation}



  • An alluringly fresh and clean scent of essential oils Infused into our creamy shea butter makes a pleasing feel that lasting 
  • Enriched with added nutrients leaves skin soft silky
  • Shea Butter has amazing healing properties and ideal for all skin types
  • Often us as a base in medicinal ointments due to its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Well known for its highly hydrating factor leaving skin intensely moisturized 
  • Useful with skin ailments, blemishes, discoloration, chapped lips, dark marks and stretch marks
  • High content of vitamin A & F and very effective in promoting healthy skin