Foaming Black Soap Non Scented 8oz btl

Foaming Black Soap Non Scented 8oz btl

  • $ 13.99

Foaming Black Soap Non Scented 8oz Btl 


* All Natural

* Hydrating and Moisturizing 

* Great for All Skin Types

  • Today, the need for a truly natural liquid soap is in great demand hence our formulation.
  • Our Liquid Foaming Black Soap was formulated for a superior cleansing of the face and hands yet can be used all over, great for oily and dry skin. Gentle enough for a new born baby.
  • Our Ghana Black Soap is especially made from coconut oil, cocoa pod ashes, plantain skin ashes and palm oil, this luxurious formula gives a deep pore cleansing experience, which is designed to fight free radicals, germs and bacteria.
  • The perfect Black Soap for those who enjoy a great lather that doesn’t strip the skins moisture.
  • Gives intense hydration while adding moisture, mildly exfoliating while smoothing the skins texture.
  • Helps with skin blemishes, great for acne and acne scars, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.
  • This is the perfect liquid black soap for those who enjoy the (genuine article) authentic black soap imported from Ghana made as a liquid by us.
  • We included a fantastic foaming bottle to give you an ample pump filled with a soft silky fluff of lather.