Pearlie Set

  • $ 55.00

NEW for Mother's day.  Pearlie is the name of Walter of Walnette's Mother.  We asked Pearlie what she wanted for Mother's day and like always she said,  nothing.  She is a woman who lived a blessed life.  She recently lost her husband of 59 years and she works hard to keep her self active at age 78.  Pearlie is an entrepreneur, who loves to make jewelry and she also started making mask for the community during the pandemic.  She loves the extra spending money it affords her as she lives on a modest income.  We wanted to give her something truly special for Mother's Day. We asked Pearlie what are your favorite scents and she said: Rose, Lavender, Lemon, Jasmine and we added Basil for good fortune.  This is Pearlie new fragrance and majority of the proceeds goes to Pearlie so she can continue her entrepreneurial endeavors as well as money for her to do as she wishes. Happy Mother's day Pearlie

The Pearlie Set Includes:  Pearlie Fragrance 4oz btl, Pearlie Shea Butter Moisture balm 2.5oz , Shea Butter Soap 5oz bar